domingo, febrero 15, 2009

Porque no lo encontré en ningún lado:

Where have we met before?

It might have the beaches by the valley
Or was it by the blue Miami shore

I don’t recall your name
But won’t you tell me just the same
Where have we met before

It may have been way back in Nagasaki
The roaming nooky wacking round your door
I think to recognize the light’s that shinning in your eyes
Where have we met before

Did I hold your hand in a little gypsy terrum
Or on the isle of Capri
Tell me did we sing
In a chapel in the moonlight
September in the rain
Remember me?

It might have been in Paris in the Springtime
The thought of it intrigues me more and more
And then again it seems
I might have kissed you in my dreams
Where have we met before

Each time I look at you I pinch myself to see if it’s true
I’m positive we’ve met before
I wish that I knew
But if you haven’t met me
Introduce me to you

Whenever you’re around I feel as light as the air
I haven’t got a worry and I haven’t a care
But when you are away I feel the lonely’s despair

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At 4:45 p. m., Blogger N N said...

Se siente tan 90's desgrabar letras del CD "a mano"...!
Próximamente el audio
... di bup bi duu bop..

At 7:38 a. m., Blogger tinch said...

Sí, eso, musiquita, no te olvides que tu blog los seguimos ignorantes que no reconocemos nada.

At 6:26 p. m., Blogger N N said...

Se equivoca Tinch, a mi bloj no lo sigue nadie...
igual, como sabés, acá la demagogia está a la orden del día, por lo que intenté cumplir, pero el gauchito de Goear acepta sólo .mp3. Ergo, fracaso. ergo, me vuá dormir. saludos!


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